Best Way How To Clean Tile Floors

Nothing produces a bathroom or kitchen look dirty and old faster than grubby tired and grout old tiles. These also often harbor mold and mildew, which pose severe health dangers.

Best Way How To Clean Tile Floors

Here is all you need to know to give these smooth surfaces a fresh lease of life, the most pure way. Listed below are a few of the organic products that you can pair with elbow grease to get sparkling tiles and grout that is clear.

Best Way How To Clean Tile Floors

Best Way How To Clean Tile Floors

Baking Soda. For routine light cleaning of water stains, minimal product residue and dust, the gently abrasive action of baking soda might be all you want.

Dip a damp sponge into a bowl of pure baking soda and then use this to scrub down tiles, grout and other kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Rinse thoroughly or wash well with warm water.

Lemon Juice. Lemon juice is a favorite among organic beauty lovers for its ability to lighten stains and skin blemishes. It has the exact same action when it comes to tiles, it is an effective stain remover. Like vinegar, fresh lemon juice is acidic in nature and creates an inhospitable environment for mold and mildew.

It works best if combined with baking soda.

Hydrogen Peroxide. When all else fails to whiten grout and remove stubborn molds, it is time to remove the hydrogen peroxide.

Mix hydrogen peroxide with white flour to create a thick paste. Apply this to the grout and tiles and cover with plastic wrap.

Vinegar. Among natural cleansers, vinegar is one of the most versatile and effective. Its acidic nature implies it generates an environment which inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and a few bacteria. In addition, it is excellent for cutting through soap scum, mineral deposits, water stains and more.

Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and water in a bottle and spray it generously onto tiled surfaces. Let me sit for a couple minutes before scrubbing with a brush or sponge. Extra tough stains may require the combined action of baking soda and vinegar.

Vinegar also functions as a daily preventative agent so be sure to spray this mixture on tiles and glass surfaces before you get out of the shower.

Borax. It is highly acidic, which is the reason why borax is indeed effective at cleansing, disinfecting and deodorizing.

Use borax in precisely the exact same fashion as you would baking soda: dip a damp sponge into a bowl of borax powder (such as this one from Pure Organic) and wash until your tiles and grout shine.

Cleaning your tile floor can be a messy and painstaking process. Should you require grout and tile cleaning in your home, call the pros at Rainbow International plus they can help you add the glow back to a dull, discolored floor.

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